Shift to profitable energy


Make a step towards the energy self-sufficiency of your business.

We will finance your investment project


We will help you lower your electricity bills

We cover the costs of investment

We reinforce your energy self-sufficiency

We help you lower maintenance costs

We monitor the installation effectiveness

How does it work?



We provide full financing for your project



We design a tailor-made solution just for you



We build and maintain the installation



We monitor the efficiency to make sure that your get the most of it



Energy efficiency

Shift Effciency

Optimize energy consumption and boost your productivity

Energy audits for the industry and for the municipalities

Design, construction and maintenance

Guaranteed energy efficiency level

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As an ESCO company, we provide an end-to-end service of the technical infrastructure of industrial
facilities and heating service (for the municipalities).
From the design to execution and maintenance up to remote monitoring.​

Your benefits:

  • Lower your energy bills,
  • Decarbonize the process,
  • Modernize your facilities and replace the equipment,
  • Focus on your core business, and we will take care of the investment project,
  • Make your processes more reliable with new equipment,
  • Comply with your regulatory duties and benefit,
  • Keep your environmental commitments (CO2 reduction, water, etc.)

Solar PV

Shift Production

Produce green energy locally

Rooftop installations


Photovoltaic farms

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We operate as an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

Being an ESCO company means primarily that it is our company, and not yours, that bears the entire
risk, both during the installation construction and maintenance. By choosing the ESCO model, you get
the following benefits:

  • project implementation without having to commit your own funds

  •  free maintenance and monitoring

  •  guaranteed efficiency, as well as energy and utilities costs at an unchanged level

  •  keeping your creditworthiness

We offer:

  • on-site and near-site installations which are built at the companies’ premises or close to the
    companies of our Clients
  • and off-site facilities, which are built in any location and from which we deliver electricity to our clients as part of cPPA and vPPA contracts

We approach projects on a case-by-case basis and provide tailor-made technical solutions.

We provide an end-to-end service – from the analysis to design, development, construction and
launch to maintenance.

We build:

  • rooftop installations
  • ground-mount installations, including photovoltaic farms
  • floating installations which are located in water reservoirs

If needed, we integrate our photovoltaic installations with EV charging stations and energy


GreenYellow staff members


installed charging stations


tons in CO2 savings


MWp of installed capacity under construction


GWh in energy savings per year

GreenYellow around the world

We are present on four continents and in 16 countries, reaching our clients around the world

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